It appears that 'Crypto Bowl' was on the one and done plan

There will be no crypto commercials on Super Bowl Sunday, but taking its place is an American favorite

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Football and beer — need we say more?
Football and beer — need we say more?
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Did you enjoy last year’s crypto Super Bowl? If so, I have some bad news for you. Not as bad as if you received a portion of your salary in FTX cryptocurrency last year, but still a blow to those invested in the industry’s success. There will be no crypto ads during the Super Bowl on Sunday. However, in its place will be a lot more alcohol.

Ah yes, the more traditional way to send your money on a river to nowhere.

FTX had one of four crypto-currency ads during last year’s Super Bowl. The FTX one featured the perfect celebrity spokesperson — Larry David. Who could possibly be less confident and more dismissive about an alternative form of anything?


I hope Larry was paid all in cash, because that company is no more. The company filed for bankruptcy, lost its naming rights deal on the Miami Heat’s home arena, its founder — Samuel Bankman-Fried — has plead not guilty to eight counts of fraud and conspiracy charges, and the company is currently threatening to sue politicians if they don’t return Bankman-Fried’s campaign contributions.

According to the Associated Press’ Mae Anderson, there were a few deals for cryptocurrency commercials that were close to being completed, but nothing went forward after FTX’s problems hit the news stream.


For the adrenaline junkies out there, fret not. There will likely be a new Caesar’s commercial with JB Smoove and the Manning family as well as advertisements for other sportsbooks. You all will most certainly be represented on Super Bowl Sunday.

Who is making the big ad buys this year?

For the people out there whose vice is liquid, the NFL and Fox very much have you all in mind this year. Per the AP, while Bud Light will get the most airtime of any alcohol company, the official beer of the NFL will not be the only adult beverage advertised. Remy Martin, Heineken, Diageo, and Molson Coors have also purchased ad time.

Because after the fall of FTX we should all be worried about damaging our long-term financial health in such a volatile industry. That money is in a much better place at your local grocery store, Rite Aid, 7-Eleven, liquor store, beverage depot, bar, nightclub, or anywhere alcohol is sold.

Why be stressed while losing large sums of money. Instead, slowly, but happily, fork it over $15 at a time with the only chance of seeing a return on your investment by consuming too much. Then you can see the product that you just invested in leaving your mouth along with your dinner.


As good of a pitchman as Larry David was, he couldn’t save FTX, and as a result, the 2023 Super Bowl may be the first and last “Crypto Bowl.” Oh well, maybe Budweiser will bring back the frogs.