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CU Bros Thrilled To Have Been Slapped By Washington's Malik Dime

I’m not exaggerating in the slightest when I say that this story from BSN Denver is the most heartwarming sports story of 2017. Prepare to be charmed by the tale of the University of Colorado basketball fans who had a great time getting slapped by Washington forward Malik Dime.


The Huskies took on the Buffaloes in Boulder last night, and the Colorado student section, which has dubbed itself the C-Unit, was in typically rowdy form. Two students, Dylan and Brian, talked enough trash to catch the eye of Dime, who is currently out of the lineup with a broken pinky. At half time, Dime approached the C-Unit, and that’s when things got good:

“Malik looked over at us at one point and said ‘I’m gonna come over there and slap the s*** out of you.’ We didn’t think that was real so we just laughed and then at the end of the half he came over to us and pretended like he was giving me a handshake and I reached out and he pulled back and slapped me in the face and the follow through hit the person sitting right next to me, which was Brian.”

A double face slap! And how did Dylan and Brian react? Were they apoplectic? No, my friends, they were just flat-out impressed:

“I thought it was a real handshake,” Brian told. “He came over with a windup, it was a hard hit. It’s a double face, there’s no way around that.”

“One slap, two faces, I was impressed, he’s got a big wingspan,” Dylan remarked.

BSN Denver reports that amends were made later in the game (click through to see a photo of the historic moment), when Dime came over and gave Dylan and Brian real handshakes. The pair also claims that they got free Powerade out of the ordeal, and maintain “a lot of love for Malik.” I would like to sincerely thank BSN Denver’s Jake Shapiro for reporting this story out, and I hope he wins some sort of award for it.

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