Cubs closer Aroldis Chapman pitched a scoreless ninth inning at home against the Cardinals last night, and as he walked off the mound the person in charge of the stadiumā€™s PA system chose to play ā€œSmack My Bitch Upā€ by The Prodigy.

ā€œSmack My Bitch Upā€ is a bad song for a lot of reasons, but it was a particularly bad choice last night, given Chapmanā€™s recent 30-game suspension for violating MLBā€™s domestic violence policy. Today, the Cubs issued an apology for the incident (via ESPNā€™s Jesse Rogers):

The Cubs say they unintentionally played the song ā€˜Smack My Bitch Upā€™ last night when Aroldis Chapman walked off the mound in the ninth inning. The Cubs will have a strong response to it this morning. It was ā€œunfortunate and should not have happened,ā€ according to the team.


Update (12:59 p.m.): The Cubs say they have fired the person responsible for playing the song:

Update (3:58 p.m.): A Cubs spokesperson tells us that the person who played the song did not do so intentionally, but was acting carelessly when he did so.