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A rogue cat invaded Wrigley Field yesterday, reminding Cubbie fans everywhere that the ceaseless torment of loving sport's most accursed franchise will follow them to their eternal damnation beyond the grave.

You see everything is an omen when it involves the Cubs and this furry friend automatically recalls to the faithful the black cat that tore Ron Santo's throat out at Shea Stadium in 1969, costing the team the pennant. Then in the same game last night, a guy sitting far down the third base line robbed Alfonso Soriano of an out, apparently oblivious to the fact that he was in nearly the same seat that Steve Bartman was in during his fateful blunder. Those who forget history deserve to be booed.


Neither incident prevented the Cubbies from winning the game, which means either all previous curses have now been lifted (unlikely) or this was the high water mark of what is certain to be a heartbreaking and disastrous season. They were playing the Reds after all.

But it's all okay, because when Chicago Cub fans are finally greeted by the sweet release of death their cremated remains can now be interred in this ivy-covered Wrigley-inspired mausoleum. Why should your misery end just because you're dead?

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