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A few hours before Monday’s Pirates-Cubs game started, Chicago Sun-Times reporter Madeline Kenney noticed a new sign in the press box, a pass for the press box annex apparently from 1945 bearing the line “NO WOMEN ADMITTED.”


An hour and a half later, the sign was replaced by a photograph of the stands on a breast cancer awareness night.


Kenney spoke to a Cubs flack, who explained that the club has been putting up historical images as the ballpark undergoes renovations this year, though he couldn’t say who chose to include this one. He told Kenney that the intent behind showing the placard was to highlight “how far we have come, one as — not specific to the Cubs — as a society and the free press in terms of women and people of color who were not able to have a place in the press box.”

Here is a rather illustrative non-response from Cubs exec Crane Kenney on the matter:

Cubs business president Crane Kenney recognized the image as the “Pink Poodle” credential before the game. However, he refused to comment on it, saying he couldn’t read the “no women admitted” text because he didn’t have his glasses. At Kenney’s request, the picture has been emailed to him, but he has yet to respond.

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