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Stephen Curry is a cold-blooded assassin. He's like Leon in The Professional. You're not sure about him in the early goings but he wins you over in some crucial moments. Eventually you begin to love him although you know he's destined to die in the end. Anyways... Curry's 30 points (70 in two games) carried Davidson past a Georgetown team that had harbored championship aspirations. Things began to turn around in the second half for Curry, and just about everybody else on the floor. After making the 17-point comeback the Wildcats went on to win 74-70. And like yours, my bracket is fucked. Continue after the jump for updates from around the country...

-Tennessee and Butler finished off a fantastic game in overtime where it belonged. In the end, the Vols were able to hold off the charging Bulldogs...
(ed. note: awww)...


...Tennessee went on to win 76-71 and they'll face the winner of the upcoming Louisville/Oklahoma game next week.

-San Diego never did make much of a charge on Western Kentucky, so the HIlltoppers will move on to play UCLA. So we're looking a blowout or an extremely close game with a controversial ending. It's just like boxing!

-Memphis and Mississippi State are doing southern things down in Arkansas while Arkansas' team is waiting for their chance to take out UNC. Beating ACC teams is all the rage with these college kids these days.


-Everybody's using the David vs. Goliath headline, but I greatly prefer my religious imagery.

-Hey, Arkansas finally scored! 11-2 UNC.

-Memphis has taken a 33-25 lead on the Bulldogs...


...of Mississippi State.

-Yes, I did have a pet bulldog as a child, why do you ask?

-Lawson is on fire, this is getting ugly for Arkansas.

-Louisville has jumped out to a 30-16 lead over Longar Longar's Sooners.

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