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We thought we'd never again hear the name of Curt Leskanic, who had all the stuff of a journeyman pitcher despite spending seven years in Colorado. He racked up a DUI this weekend near his Orlando home, but even this might not have put him on our radar if not for the fact that he was almost more alcohol than man.

Sunday evening Leskanic's pickup truck was spotted swerving, and when police arrived he was sitting a green light, dead asleep. Leskanic blew a .331 BAC, more than four times the legal limit. That's Albert Pujols' career batting average. That's very, very drunk, and might explain why Leskanic "became agitated and started screaming," and "was swearing and exhibiting hostile behavior." He was taken to the hospital, then booked on charges of DUI and child neglect?


Why child neglect? Five-year-old Chloe, the light of his life in this "where are they now?" piece from 2008, was sitting shotgun in the pickup truck.

Former pro baseball pitcher arrested on DUI charge [Orlando Sentinel]

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