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You didn't think a little thing not throwing a single pitch this season was going to keep Curt Schilling's name out the ALCS headlines, did you? The Boston Red Sox have been preparing for Game 1 against the Rays without the assistance of their ace starting pitcher, but his orthopedic surgeon thought that today might be a good time to remind the organization that Curt and his robotic ankle could be starting and winning that game and maybe two or three more in the series, if only those dumb dummies had listened to him 10 months ago. Dr. Craig Morgan told the AP that he advised surgery for Schilling back in January, but the team wanted him to try rehab and he was forced to obey their wishes because of his contract. That failed, of course, and the surgery happened in June instead, which is why Curt is not on the playoff roster. In fact, the repaired shoulder is now "phenomenal" and Schilling will be fine next year—not that it does the stupid Sox any good now. Morgan added, “In January, everything I said has come true, right to a T.” All right then. Schilling, for his part, is staying away from his doctor's choice of words and timing.

He, unfortunately, like me has little to no filter when asked about things he feels comfortable with knowledge wise. My arm and pitching, and shoulders, are certainly topics he is smarter than anyone I’ve ever met on.... Regardless of how anyone feels about the ‘what ifs’ involved here, they are irrelevant. What’s done is done and even though I’d kill to be able to take the ball right now, I can’t. No one gains from looking back and wondering what if, most of all my teammates or the organization.


Why doesn't he just say what we all know to be true—the Boston PD would be setting up parade barricades right now if only Morgan had been heeded, you maniacs! You blew it up! God damn you all to hell! • Doc: Schilling could have been ready for playoffs [AP/Google] • Don’t ask… [38 Pitches]

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