Cycleball Is The Sport Of The Future

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Wired Playbook had something yesterday about cycleball: a niche sport that combines soccer, hockey, basketball, and bike riding to create a spectacle as absurd as it sounds. It's also amazing.

Combining the trick shots seen in soccer and bike riding has long been a dream around here, so we are very glad to see this. Cycleball could really take off, too: You can play it in any old gym (like basketball) but you only need a ball, some nets, and three friends with identical bikes (unlike basketball). Hell, I've got most of that in my apartment right now.

There's more video at Playbook, along with an overview of the game's history. When we're all playing cycleball in 30 years, you will remember this day.

For Multi-Sport Madness, Cycleball Takes the Crown [Playbook]