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You know, it's hard enough to finish a triathlon. We think we could handle the biking, and as long as we were allowed to occasionally walk, or even stop and lie down for a while, we could handle the running. We'd almost certainly drown, however. Anyway, imagine going through all the trouble of being in a triathlon, all the physical and mental exhaustion it inspires, and right in the middle of it ... you run into a damned bear.

Sabrina B. Oei received a bad case of road rash, but wasn't seriously injured and was able to complete the triathalon. The bear also survived the crash and scampered back into the woods. Oei was racing downhill at nearly 40 miles per hour when the collision occurred.

We kind of think there isn't a sporting event that couldn't be made more fun to watch by random throwing in the obstacle of a bear. We think it could do wonders for the World Series of Darts.

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