Alex Rodriguez tied Mickey Mantle's home run mark last night in the Bronx, just as news began to spill out that his five-year marriage to Cynthia is officially-officially crumbling.

The rumors about either Rodriguez's flings with aging pop stars still swirl, but there is one fact amid the absurd allegations: Cynthia Rodriguez has filed for divorce from the Yankees' third baseman.

The two parties have dispatched their legal teams to Miami to start the messy unraveling process and a custody battle for their two children. According to the filings, Alex claims that his wife "was not serious" about patching up their five year marriage. Cynthia's is a little more damning, alleging that A-Rod's extra-marital affairs with other, more muscular women are no longer tolerable and that his relationship with Madonna was less than platonic.

This is a brilliant financial move for Cyndy, as she could conceivably walk away with a huge chunk of A-Rod's baseball and endorsement fortune.


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