Dabo Swinney, Whose Team Is Headed For A Blowout Win Anyway, Yells At Kicker For Missing Field Goal

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Gif: ABC

No. 2 Clemson has been manhandling Florida State all game Saturday evening, moving the ball seamlessly under Trevor Lawrence’s stewardship and stopping FSU’s run entirely. None of this was enough to tide over head coach and generally saturnine jerk Dabo Swinney, who decided that he absolutely needed to chew out kicker B.T. Potter after Potter missed a field goal with Clemson up 28-0. (Clemson’s up 45-7 in the fourth right now; the missed kick will have no real bearing on the game whatsoever.) Swinney barked at Potter as he jogged off the field and proceeded to follow the kicker for about 30 yards down the sideline, still yelling at him, before motioning for Potter to pack it up. Before this miss, Potter had converted all four extra point attempts.

Dabo Swinney

So the game wasn’t on the line, this wasn’t the latest in some frustrating pattern, just Dabo lording his power over an unpaid athlete who was probably already bummed. Be reasonable, Coach. He only missed a field goal. It’s not like he asked for the right to profit from his name, image and likeness.