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Dale Earnhardt Jr. Makes a Good Brain Pun

Dale Earnhardt Jr. is donating his brain to science, in a generous move, and says it’s a literal “no-brainer” decision. Nice.

Earnhardt told reporters on Friday that he looked into the idea of donating after reading up on Oakland Raiders players and soccer star Brandi Chastain, who’s also a brain donor.


“I was a donor already for many years...and so it seemed like a reasonable thing to do for me,” says Earnhardt. “Anything I can do to help others. Hopefully the science has advanced far beyond what it is today and they don’t need it, but it was something that I didn’t have to ask myself whether I wanted to do it or not.”

The famous car lover, who’s had experience with concussions in the past, has committed to giving his brain to the Concussion Legacy Foundation for research into CTE.

“I’m going to give up all the organs that are worth anything when it’s over with. So they can have it all,” he says. “It was a no-brainer for me. They don’t need just athletes. They don’t need people that just play sports. They need brains from all over.”

Image screengrab via ESPN

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