Life happens sometimes. We all understand that, but Parsons is constantly on Twitter throwing out opinions on everything under the sun, cracking jokes, and throwing shots all over the place. It’s funny how silent Parsons was following that loss to the Bucs. Being upset following that loss is expected, but you agreed to go on FS1’s flagship show each Tuesday of the regular season. Surely, Parsons didn’t think Dallas would go undefeated this year. It came off as unprofessional and flakey.


When Parsons finally commented on his failure to appear, Dak Prescott’s injury, the loss, and leadership were used as excuses.

“My starting QB went down, and we lost,” Parsons said, per Hill. “I just didn’t think it was appropriate for me to be on the show at that point. I need to step up and be a leader. It shouldn’t be on TV, it should be in this locker room. This is where my focus should be right now.”

It’s hard to believe that anyone can talk about “leadership” after not showing up for an engagement they’d agreed to weeks prior. And this was supposed to be for the entire 17-week regular season. Had the Cowboys won that first game against Tampa Bay, please believe Parsons would’ve shown up with a big grin on his face, ready to go at it with Sharpe, the resident Cowboys hater on Undisputed.

Since Parsons decided to go there in his explanation, skipping a scheduled appearance isn’t a sign of good leadership. It shouldn’t have taken Prescott getting hurt for him to step up and be a leader. In his second year, Parsons isn’t just Dallas’ best defensive player but the best overall player on the team. The 23-year-old is no longer a rookie. It’s time to step up and be a locker room leader, no matter who’s there.


If the Cowboys continue winning, this slip-up will likely be overlooked and forgotten, but Parsons owes one to Undisputed. FS1 went out of their way to set up equipment in his home for this weekly spot only to have him no-call, no-show them the first week. Neither Parsons nor anyone on his personal team could be bothered to let producers of the show know he wasn’t going to make it. That’s Busch league, and Parsons seems much better than that.

Dallas plays the Giants on Monday Night Football in Week 3. Parsons is yet to show up for his weekly spot on FS1, and at this point, it hasn’t been mentioned much since he missed the first show. It makes you wonder why a player would even commit to something like this. Either way, it’s a horrible look for Parsons, especially when he’s right back on Twitter spouting off after a win.