Michael Young was traded away from the Rangers this afternoon, and his number one fans, also known as the local sports media circuit, were a little upset. Chief among those angered was Evan Grant, the beat writer for the Dallas Morning News. Grant has had issues in the past with impartiality when it comes to Young and his true impact on the field. You might remember him as the guy who voted Young for MVP in 2011 based on things like "leadership" and "character." Never mind that his actual numbers (.854 OPS, 3.7 WAR) made him woefully unqualified for the award. He ignored Young's awful 2012 campaign as a "slump," despite posting the worst WAR in all of baseball.

Grant was always quick to defend Young for his two different trade demands after the Rangers had asked him to move positions, referring to the incidents as "sacrifices" for the betterment the team.

So, when word came down Young was to be shipped to the Phillies, Grant took to Twitter to defend his guy in the face of ungrateful fans. Here's what he had to say:



That last one about staying classy is interesting, considering Grant had tweeted this just a few minutes earlier:

So, to recap: getting excited about a tragedy because your Sunday sports section will be packed? Totally cool. Mentioning that a player had complained twice about having to move positions? Classless. Glad that's all settled.