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Damian Lillard Scored 34 Points In A Half And Blamed It On A Heckler

Photo: Christian Petersen (Getty)

Last night’s game between the Blazers and Magic went about how you would have expected it to go, with Portland winning 128-114 and Damian Lillard going off for 41 points. The Blazers were comfortably ahead for almost the entire game, and the real source of drama came from a contest within the contest between Lillard and a heckling fan.

Lillard had a quiet first half, scoring just seven points, and he was apparently getting an earful from a heckler behind the Magic bench the whole time. That heckler made a grave mistake, as Lillard went on to drop 34 points in the second half, and then call out his antagonist during a postgame interview:

They had a guy behind their bench that just kept running his mouth and running his mouth,” said Lillard. “And I told him, I said, ‘you’re gonna get them in trouble.’ You know what I’m saying? I’m here for this. He kept on talking, and in the second half I didn’t hear a word from him.”


Buddy, next time just play it safe and save your shit-talking for Nik Stauskas.

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