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Tom Brady and Gisele awaiting MRI results? NHL awaiting winter in Chicago? Browns awaiting football genie to grant wishes?

• So maybe Tom Brady is engaged and maybe he's not. Also, maybe he'll play next year and maybe he'll not. Coincidence? Yes. [Bob's Blitz]


• It's too warm in Chicago to make proper NHL ice. We know a guy in Cicero that knows a guy that could, you know, take care of this. Jus' sayin'. [Puck Daddy]

• Plenty cold in Alaska, though, to run the Iditarod without dogs. Cold enough to freeze the thinkin' parts of the brain, anyway. [SPORTSbyBROOKS]

• The Browns want Bill Cowher, Scott Pioli, Vince Lombardi, and that pony from the Lexus commercial. Also, they may or may not fire Romeo Crennel, may or may not demote him to defensive coordinator, and may or may not do anything at all. Glad that's settled. [Midwest Sports Fans]

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