Official Deadspin correspondent Liam Moy, the "Hustler of Culture," was at Fenway Park last night for Johnny Damon's return as a New York Yankee. We're not gonna spend half our show on this game today, but we did want to allow Liam — the "H of C," yo — to file his report, if just to encourage everyone else that filing video reports from games you go to is fun and educational. Plus, you'll get a cool nickname.

Highlight of his report: "For the first time ever (and I've been going to Sox games for 10 years now), I smelled pot at Fenway. Everyone around me started laughing and the guy in front of me summed it up by saying, 'I guess this isn't the family section.'" This probably explains why everyone got real excited about a backup catcher.


(UPDATE: An old ESPN Page 2 story makes it clear this is hardly the first weed sighting at Fenway Park).