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Dan Hawkins REALLY Wants You To Practice More

Colorado Buffaloes head coach Dan Hawkins was hired because he's not the type of guy to lure his players in with strip clubs and booze, unlike his predecessor. We respect that; nobody wants that for college students.

One thing he wasn't brought in for was giving time off for his players. During a press conference yesterday, Hawkins was talking about a letter he received from a player's parents complaining about how little time being on the team allotted for happy family hour, or something. Hawkins starts off his "discussion" of this letter in calm form, but then, out of the nether, he explodes into a serious, Dennis Green-level rant.

No kidding: You can hear it right here. (Audio courtesy Lion In Oil.) Our favorite part is, without question, after all the screaming has slowed (slightly), he tosses in a little Hulk Hogan homage. Gotta appreciate that.

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