Dan Leone Will Not Stop Yapping Until The Eagles Give Him His Usher Job Back

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Yesterday we showed you the story of Dan Leone, the former Eagles' game-day worker canned for illegal use of the Facebook. The Eagles have not relented, and Dan is still part-time jobless.

Dan's tale has gone everywhere, far beyond the bleeding green outskirts of the Delaware Valley: from national radio stations, to ESPN, he's become a hydra-headed symbol for our flailing economy, an NFL team's heartless cruelty, and the perils of updating your Facebook page without spell-check. Or something. Here's a portion of one of Dan's radio spots with ESPN 950's "Mac & Mayes" show yesterday afternoon:

" I honestly didn't think it would cause this much repercussion. I'm loyal to the team. I did nothing but support them all the way. I did all I can to help that organization, I made one mistake in six years and now I'm no longer there."


And Dan ups the dumbfounded quotient a little more on television. It's also a nice touch he decided to don the Eagles' 75th anniversary Swedish jersey to the taping. It's a true testament to his Eagles loyalty that he'd not only purchase that ugly thing, but also wear it on television.

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