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Illustration for article titled Dan Leone Will Not Stop Yapping Until The Eagles Give Him His Usher Job Back

Yesterday we showed you the story of Dan Leone, the former Eagles' game-day worker canned for illegal use of the Facebook. The Eagles have not relented, and Dan is still part-time jobless.


Dan's tale has gone everywhere, far beyond the bleeding green outskirts of the Delaware Valley: from national radio stations, to ESPN, he's become a hydra-headed symbol for our flailing economy, an NFL team's heartless cruelty, and the perils of updating your Facebook page without spell-check. Or something. Here's a portion of one of Dan's radio spots with ESPN 950's "Mac & Mayes" show yesterday afternoon:

" I honestly didn't think it would cause this much repercussion. I'm loyal to the team. I did nothing but support them all the way. I did all I can to help that organization, I made one mistake in six years and now I'm no longer there."

And Dan ups the dumbfounded quotient a little more on television. It's also a nice touch he decided to don the Eagles' 75th anniversary Swedish jersey to the taping. It's a true testament to his Eagles loyalty that he'd not only purchase that ugly thing, but also wear it on television.

Facebooker Fired By Eagles Speaks Out [MyFoxPhilly]

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