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Dan Shanoff Redux: Who's Up for a Quickie?

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A one time annual event, Dan Shanoff has graciously offered up his end of year, hot/not list for perusal/debate that was headed for the internet vapor since his Daily Quickie column was shutdown by those smoldering cuntrags at ESPN. After the jump, follow Shanoff's ghost to prepare yourself with this year's/last year's people, trends, ephemera to be aware of this coming sports year.


Daily Quickie Hot/Not [ESPN(sub. required because they're money-grubbing bastards)]
Dan Shanoff Blogspot [Dan Shanoff]

Athlete "YouTube" moment

2006: Brawls

2007: Sex tapes

Free Agent

2006: Daisuke Matsuzaka

2007: Bill Simmons


2006: Matt Leinart-Paris Hilton

2007: John Rocker-Alicia Marie

Monday Night Football gimmick

2006: Tony K.

2007: Tiki


2006: Chad Johnson

2007: Gilbert Arenas

"Next poker"

2006: Competitive eating

2007: Pro video gaming

Courtside Groupie

2006: Britney Spears

2007: Carrie Underwood

Sports city

2006: Pittsburgh

2007: Las Vegas

Breakout QB

2006: Philip Rivers

2007 : Cleo Lemon


2006: World Cup Babes

2007: Anyone But Sterger


2006: Rutgers football

2007: Ohio State hoops


2006: Titans No. 10 (Young)

2007: Nuggets No. 3 (Iverson)


2006: Jason Whitlock-Scoop Jackson

2007: Donovan McNabb-Jeff Garcia

Will Ferrell film vehicle

2006: NASCAR

2007: Old ABA

Unrealistic crusade

2006: Eliminate PEDs

2007: Reform amateur hoops

College hoops hair

2006: Joakim Noah's ponytail

2007: Greg Oden's beard

Hall of Fame debacle

2006: Buck O Neil

2007: Mark McGwire

H.S. Sports Reality TV

2006: Jocks

2007: Nerds

Coaching tactic

2006: Pat Riley's motivation

2007: Jim Leyland's smoking

Love to Hate/Hate to Love

2006: Bonds passes Ruth

2007: Bonds passes Aaron

NFL Rookie Coach

2006: Sean Payton

2007: Charlie Weis


2006: '86 World Series

2007: '77 Yankees

Cinderella of March

2006: George Mason

2007: Air Force

"Can't miss" (Yeah, right)

2006: JJ Redick

2007: Brady Quinn

Healthily Obsessive Sports Web Site


2007: The Wizznutzz


2006: The Daily Quickie

2007: Quite Frankly