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UFC president Dana White received plenty of pushback, on this website and elsewhere, when on Saturday he demanded that welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre—who had just finished getting pummeled by Johny Hendricks and was clearly distressed about his own physical and mental well-being after his title fight—abandon any thoughts he might be having about retirement or a hiatus and face Hendricks in a rematch. Last night, White went on UFC Tonight and doubled down on those comments, like an asshole.


White—who later hopped on a message board to tell critics that they're "PUSSIES" and "butthurt" and should go follow One Direction—reiterated that retirement is not an option for St-Pierre, and plainly stated that yes, Georges St-Pierre does in fact owe White and the rest of the world a rematch with Hendricks:

But, he made a big mistake, when he said what he said. Shouldn't have said it, didn't make sense, and it left everyone wondering what was going on, including me.

When we talk about "GSP doesn't owe you anything," you're wrong, here's the reality: GSP took almost a year and a half off, and he's had two fights since then—since he tore his ACL out. When you fight in this sport, there's a small opportunity for people, and there's a lineup of people who want a shot at the UFC 170 pound title. You can't just say, "I'm going to put this on hold" because you have personal problems. You can't do that. No, you cannot. You can't do that.

Dana White sees a man who is clearly distressed at the physical and mental toll that years of getting punched and kicked in the head for a living have taken, and thinks he can tell that man that it's not OK for him to decide that he maybe he wants to take some time off from getting punched and kicked in the head. Dana White is a monstrous scumbag.

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