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We have always found the notion of Fan Appreciation Days amusing. Even though every single salary of every single player in every single sport is paid for exclusively by fans — whether it be tickets, merchandise, cable bills, whatever — big-time sports still feel the need to acknowledge the fans once a year, if just so they don't notice their being bent over the other 364 days. (In Hollywood, Defamer calls this "established industry etiquette to distract the talent with shiny trinkets while trying to screw them." The whole thing seems distasteful to us; not to sound cheesy, but jeez, if not every day is Fan Appreciation Day, then none of them are.

Anyway, good ole Washington Redskins skinflint Daniel Snyder has taken Fan Appreciation Day to an art form. August 5 is Fan Appreciation Day for the Redskins, and man, you get all kinds of goodies.

A "free" invitation to the scrimmage. (Parking is $25, $75 for RVs.)
• A performance by the Redskins Marching Band.
• Vinny Cerrato addresses the fans!
• "Due to the structure of the scrimmage, there will not be any organized autograph sessions with players or coaches."

Man, Potomac region ... the Redskins sure do appreciate you!

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(By the way, here's a good story about how Snyder and former ESPN honcho Mark Shapiro are screwing up Six Flags.)