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Daniel Vogelbach Hit A Homer So Meaty It Could Feed A Family Of Four

Look at the faces. No, not at the mugs of the guy at the plate or the guy on the mound, although you’ll find expressions of optimism and helplessness, respectively. Look into the stands, and gaze at all the “O”s on those fans’ faces, their expressions turning them into some kind of poorly organized choir, as they watch the path of this baseball crushed by Mariners designated hitter Daniel Vogelbach.

It’s fitting that the man with the build of an uncooked Thanksgiving turkey can hit some meaty dingers. Vogelbach clobbered this two-run shot on Monday, in the Mariners’ 6-2 win over the Rangers:


After a replay review, Vogelbach’s homer was ruled fair. It was tough to tell given that the baseball, which was possibly disintegrating at that point, had traveled over the foul pole on its journey to the right-field third deck:

Very few baseballs reach that territory in a game. Vogelbach was only the third player and the first Seattle Mariner to achieve this feat in the 20-year existence of the team’s park.


Vogelbach had reportedly done it before, albeit outside of an actual game:


In a cruel twist, MLB’s Statcast was down, so the numbers behind Vogelbach’s dinger are unavailable. That’s okay. Just watch it again; it gets more ludicrous with every viewing.

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