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Oh you know, just your standard fast-break, flip-the-ball-behind-your-head-from-below-your-hip-while-getting-fouled layup that hits every part of the rim before gently falling through the net. Nuggets forward Danilo Gallinari somehow managed to pull off this shot in the final minute of last night's game against the Milwaukee Bucks, pushing the Nuggets' lead to six and effectively wrapping up a 112-104 victory.


Gallinari's shot was a fitting exclamation point to what was a bizarre game. This was a game in which the Nuggets trailed by 15 at halftime and surrendered 35 points to Samuel Dalembert, who went 17-21 from the field while playing only 27 minutes. Yes, Samuel Dalembert, the 31-year-old backup center who averages 6.7 points per game, looked like Wilt Chamberlain for most of the night. Meanwhile, the Bucks high-scoring backcourt tandem of Brandon Jennings and Monte Ellis scraped together a combined 24 points on 11-36 shooting.

The Nuggets played atrocious defense all night (see: Dalembert, Samuel) and trailed for almost the entire game, and yet they still managed to squeeze out a win thanks to a few well-timed steals down the stretch, one of which led to Gallinari's trick shot. Oh, and JaVale McGee didn't do anything spectacular or spectacularly embarrassing. It really was a weird game.

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