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Danny Snyder Doesn't Like Your Heartfelt Signage

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Dan Steinberg found this in a trash can outside FedEx Field, where pretty much every form of human expression has been banned. It's clear: Dan Snyder is just a moustache and a pogrom or two short of being Joseph Stalin.


Steinberg's post is a doozy. It's less a collection of discarded signage than a multicount indictment against Snyder and his increasingly paranoid stewardship of the Redskins:

Now I've feigned a lot of outrage in recent days, outrage over the offensive line, and the GM, and the draft, and whatever else. I mean, that stuff is annoying, but I can live with it. It's still sports. It's still a game. It's still part of the general arc of entertainment provided by large men running around in tights. This, though, ruined it all for me. Now it's no longer a game. Now it's just sad, and unpleasant, and ugly.

Read the whole thing. There is nothing more damning than the words of the poor fan in the 100 level, holding a sign that reads, "Dan, Why Do We Have to Sneak This Sign In?" Redskins fans are now so disillusioned they've gone meta.

Redskins ban signs at FedEx Field [D.C. Sports Bog]

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