Darnell Dockett: Unapologetic, Racist Dummy

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Here's Darnell Dockett exercising his right to a speedy and public trial in the court of public opinion. And The verdict is in: unfunny and racist!

Oof. Just so you know Dockett truly believes in his material, he has no intention of issuing one of those fake apologies, either. Smart move. Own the shitty joke.


It's pretty clear that Dockett is a student at the shock humor school of comedy and it's also perfectly clear that the syllabus there is 95 percent shock and 5 percent god awful, cringe-inducing, sub-replacement-level humor. Flip the percentages and you might be on to something. But, alas. The iOpener. Do you get it? LULZ I'd have sex with a fat girl if drunj. LULZ.


Also, Darnell Dockett neighbors, beware: he steals your WiFi.


Maybe they should password protect the network. For Darnell's own good.

Photo credit: Getty