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Darren McFadden Is A Pretty Girl

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College Football season is right around the corner. Linemen are getting in shape, quarterbacks are leaning the playbooks, Corso's getting his merkin a jheri curl ... and Arkansas RB/QB Darren McFadden is trying on his grandmother's dresses.

"He wore dresses to school," says McFadden's favorite high school teacher, Leecie Henson.

Say again?

Yes, dresses. And not just on Halloween.

At times, McFadden would raid his grandmother's closet, and who knows where else, and wear the most hideous looking outfits he could find to school. "He has the ugliest legs ever," Henson says. "He would wear these dresses with tennis shoes, and after a while the teachers would get used to it. He just loves to make people laugh."


If he promises to wear a dress to the Downtown Athletic Club, I'll start my own "McFadden For Heisman" campaign right now.

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