Yesterday, in a story which Deadspin suspiciously omitted, ESPN reported that Darren McFadden was declaring for the NFL after his upcoming junior season, so sayeth his momma after a chat with Pat Forde. Because that was such a news scoop. After all, rarely do exciting, electric football players ever forgo their senior season for the paltry millions the NFL feebly offers. But now McFadden's momma, Mini Muhammad, is setting the record straight.

Muhammad cleared up her conversation with Forde, asserting she never said McFadden will necessarily declare for the draft. Mini Muhammad (I picture her being seven inches tall) merely said that McFadden would be done playing football this season in December.

She didn't mean to imply that he would stop playing college football altogether after December. So, rather than break draft news before the advent of the 2007 college football season, she was merely refreshing Pat Forde's mind about the college football schedule which was set in stone many months ago. Or maybe Muhammad was insinuating that there's no way Arkansas will make a New Year's Day bowl. Look out, Music City Bowl!

THIS JUST IN: ESPN is reporting that Bowling Green's football season will begin September 1 against Minnesota, according to wide receiver Corey Partridge's second cousin, and will likely continue for 11 more games after that. Personally, I call shenanigans.


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