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Darren Rovell Spends $84 On Sushi, Mewls Over $1.68 Fee

Foam-brained brand remora Darren Rovell spent the first half of his day blowing a disturbing but unsurprising amount of hot air about California’s SB 206, fretting stupidly over billboard valuations and the dangers of “sham endorsements.” Having worked up a mighty appetite, Rovell then treated himself to $84 worth of sushi at a place called Arami, in Chicago.


Arami adds a surcharge to diners’ bills to pay for employee health insurance. They could just as easily roll that cost into the price of the omakase menu and shut up about it, but whatever, it’s a whopping two percent fee added onto the bill at a place with a damn Bib Gourmand. But no fee, however insignificant, escapes the eyes and insatiable need for social media attention of oversharing-ass Rovell, who evidently felt that this $1.68 line on his bill was the sort of thing that needed to be seen by his Twitter followers.

I guess it’s a good thing the food was good, so that Darren Rovell would be cool with less than two bucks from his $94 meal going toward the health insurance of the people who prepared it.

Staff Writer, Deadspin