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Now that Visanthe Shiancoe has posted this picture linking Darren Sharper to Osama bin Laden, the two NFL "rivals" are officially in the dumbest Twitter fight ever.

Their dispute started last week when Sharper indicated that Brett Favre's newly surgically repaired ankle had a "X" on it for next season. (That's where the treasure is buried!) Favre's tight end responded angrily on Twitter and the two engaged in some typical online trash talk. The boasts included Sharper challenging Shiancoe to wager his game check on the New Orleans safety's ability to shut him down when their teams open the season against each other this fall. Because fans tuning into a NFC Championship Game rematch want nothing more than to focus on the showdown between a tight end and a free safety.


Then everyone moved on with their lives until Tuesday when Shiancoe and several of the Vikings apparently took part in some sort of military fantasy camp. (Adorable!) Shiancoe thought it would be hilarious to write Darren Sharper's name on his bin Laden photo target. Sharper was so upset by this affront to America that he vows to "bust you right under your chinstrap" and possibly bite Shiancoe's neck like a vampire. For America.

The real tragedy is that all of this talk of payback and terrorism is obscuring the real issue here: This picture of Minny linebacker Ben Leber and what is happening to his crotch.

It's like Abu Ghraib all over again.

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