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Darrent Williams' Family Gets A Miracle

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The Darrent Williams murder appeared to be one that would go unsolved, wrapped up in the politics of gang warfare with witnesses keeping the most crucial of evidence to themselves for fear of retaliation. Although police had plenty of suspects, including the pissed off gang members who were at the club that night, there was no definitive trigger man for the incident in the early morning hours of Jan. 1, 2007 that ended with Williams taking a bullet in the neck and dying in the arms of wide receiver Javon Walker.

The Rocky Mountain News, thanks to a shady source willing to snitch in exchange for federal protection, intercepted a letter written by one Willie D. Clark, a 26-year-old gang member currently serving time for parole violations.

In the letter, Clark says Clark says he is worried someone who saw him shoot "D-Will" - a nickname for Williams - will start talking to police about the killing.

"(The person) seen me with the gun and shoot out the whip," the letter states.

The Denver feds have done the handwriting analysis, corroborated with others on the veracity of the letter, and appear very confident that Willie D. Clark will be charged with murdering Darrent Williams. Finally.


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