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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise

Darts Crowd Just Completely Loses Its Shit Over A Perfect Nine-Dart Run

I suppose it’s worth setting up this clip with a bit of context: What you’re about to see is Gary “The Flying Scotsman” Anderson getting 501 with the minimum nine throws during a darts tournament in Blackpool, England. This is essentially the darts version of a perfect game, so you should be impressed. But what you’re really here to see are some rowdy Brits going wild over a bar game, and they do not disappoint:


Literally everyone in this building is just so frickin’ psyched about darts. “What a darty party this is,” says the very cheerful announcer. “One-ahhhhhhhrgh Eighty,” says the MC doing some avant-garde guttural shouts after each turn. Even Anderson’s opponent, Joe Cullen, looks improbably thrilled by his own setback.

The Flying Scotsman’s £45,000 achievement was felt all the way in the back of the room, where even a sober person could barely make out the dart board.

I’m a darts fan now.