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Daryl Morey Calls Out The Warriors For Dirty Play

The Rockets pulled out a win—even if the bench reacted like they were upset they now have to push back their flight to Cabo another couple of days. But after the game, GM Daryl Morey was sore about a couple of plays that went uncalled, and could have been outright dangerous.

The first was Andrew Bogut putting Dwight Howard in a straight-up arm bar:


That’s exactly the sort of play that ended Kevin Love’s season last year, and it’s dirty as hell. But the refs missed it. (They did T up Howard for throwing the ball.)

Late-night tweetin’ Morey thought Bogut’s move looked familiar:

At the game’s final buzzer, Draymond Green made sure Michael Beasley wasn’t going anywhere:


You can’t do that! Again, no foul.



Morey’s right to be upset, and you can’t underestimate the value of greasing the skids for refs to keep a closer eye on tie-ups going forward. Not that any of this will matter, ultimately, but the Warriors definitely don’t need any extra advantages beyond the enormous skill gap.

Just to finish things off, Rockets CEO Tad Brown took issue with Charles Barkley’s comments denigrating Houston’s effort.


The Rockets won a game and Twitter.

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