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Daulerio At Super Bowl XLI: Greetings, Spinheads

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Deadspin Super Bowl XLI "correspondent" A.J. Daulerio has arrived in Florida and is ready for some fisticuffs. He'll be filing sporadically, randomly and without warning all week. Here's his first dispatch.


'Morning. Me and the mustache have officially landed in Sunshine and should be gallivanting across the streets of Miami in three to four hours. Right now, I'm typing this from the library offices of Port St. Lucie's branch of the Sun Belt Conference powerhouse Florida Atlantic University Owls. Right now, it's me, two handicapped students and three snow bird old people who could very well be dead by lunchtime sharing a computer cubicle. Most of the other "media" types are in the Miami Convention Center soaking up the Super Bowl excitement, and I'm sitting next to a man who smells like pea soup. This is getting off to a rousing start.

Anyway, I'll be rolling into town in a rented tan Chevy HHR about 1 p.m. and checking into the Continental OceanFront Hotel, which has 2 1/2 stars, one of which was given to it because it has towels. Between my crappy hotel, my ridiculous looking car and my even more ridiculous looking mustache, well, this should be interesting.


Tonight, I'll have absolutely nothing to do but cause trouble, which is exactly what Gawker Media LLC instructed me to do as much as possible, as long as my, ahem, attorney is present with me at all times.

Sound familiar?

I'll have one more post later tonight, but I won't be available online for most of the afternoon. Anybody who has anything newsworthy they'd like to send my way, well, call the Deadspin Super Bowl Hotline at 917-854-3630, and me, the HHR and the moustache will be there in no time.

Enjoy your afternoons.

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