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David Beckham Secure In His Manhood/Wears Ballet Shoes

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Yes dammit, David Beckham is a metrosexual. Let him shout it from the rooftops! At last he is free, FREE! La la la la la la (skips away, stripping off clothing). In an interview on British radio on Monday, Beckham not only said that he is proud to be a gay icon, but that his wife dresses him. Oh, there's more.

And she heaped further humiliation on him when she confessed on TV that he liked to borrow her underwear. But answering questions from listeners on Radio 2 yesterday, Beckham hinted he had metrosexual tastes long before the singer came into his life. He said: "I always liked to look good, even when I was a little kid. I was given the option when I was a page boy once of either wearing a suit or wearing knickerbockers and long socks and ballet shoes — and I chose the ballet shoes and knickerbockers.


Even gay people are saying "that's so gay." But I commend Beckham. Who cares what people think? Who cares if soccer ever catches on in America? Who cares if your boys — one of whom is named Romeo — will need to be home schooled until they're 21? Here's to you Becks. I was going to watch the Champs Sports Bowl tonight, but instead I'm renting The Birdcage. I hear that Hank Azaria is delightful as the houseboy. Vive La Différence!

Why I Feel Honoured To Be A Gay Icon, By David Beckham, As He Admits He Lets Posh Choose His Clothes [Daily Mail]

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