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David Frost Wins Sexual Exploitation Trial With Class And Dignity

Most folks, after they narrowly avoid conviction on charges of sexual exploitation of minors, tend to lay low for awhile, graciously enjoying their freedom while the storm of publicity and bad feelings is given time to blow over. But not Canadian junior hockey guru David Frost. Nope. He's using his acquittal this weekend to promote the launch of his new understated website, Hockey God Online.


You see, Frost is a legend in hockey circles as a coach, agent and mentor for dozens of young, impressionable players who train at his camps, play for his teams, and offer up their teenage girlfriends to him for threeways. (Sorry, allegedly. He was found not guilty, you know.) He does, however, have a documented reputation for punching his own players in the face during games. So who else would you turn for reliable minor league hockey advice?

Here at, we never imagined the interest we would attract this quickly and frankly have been overwhelmed with the response to the website ...

We also were flooded with emails , unfortunately there was no way to get back and answer all of your questions so quickly , so bare with us while we get through them all . I will however tell all the interested hockey parents that emailed the site for our opinion on what is the best hockey school to send your players to ? Most of you commenting that you wanted an intense camp that wasn’t just a day care . We will research this for you all and be responding shorty , I do have a few in mind both in Canada and the United States but since I’m no longer in that business I want to ask some questions to people that I trust in hockey that know of these hockey schools.

Gee, we wonder if there was some sort news event that drew people to the site? But why does everyone keep harping on the sex trial?

This for me personally is almost comical how much interest there has been and requests for interviews mostly for my self on the website. I received several interview requests most of which was after 8:30 last night and it was impossible to get to all of them obviously. By reading this site I believe its pretty self explanatory what this site is all about, couple that with the article I chose to do in the Ottawa Citizen and everything you need is right there. Others who feel that you are going to get me to talk about the case are wasting your time. This is not the platform for that, we will not be talking about the case on this hockey website. If you have something intelligent to ask feel free to email the website and if we think it is a legit question we will answer them. But hey thanks for your interest!


You bet! Actually, I do have one legit question. Is it true that you have a third ball sack and that one of the reasons you were acquitted is because the women who testified against you couldn't identify it? Oh, is true that the two former players (who were boys at the time) who were actually the subject of the complaint against you, testified on your behalf by saying that group sex was standard practice for youth hockey players, but you weren't personally involved? And did you seriously tell the sister of one of those women to go fuck herself after the verdict was read? Can all that really be true?

I just thought of another one—is it really wise for a guy accused of having sex with teenagers to have a special section on his site devoted to "Hockey Hotties" you found on MySpace?


Oh! And is it also true that the other blogger on your Hockey God website is currently in jail for hiring a hit man to have YOU murdered? He's in prison because he wanted you dead, but somehow you're still best buds?

"They (the authorities) played me up to be the bad boy of hockey; well, now I'll show them how much of a bad boy I can be," Frost said.


Ok, that's a lot of legit questions, but I think I need to take shower now. With Brillo pads.

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