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David Ross Enjoys Life As A Major Leaguer

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"TheNaturalMevs" of DiamondHoggers is rather upset with Reds catcher David Ross. Not just for his low batting average, but for his philandering ways. After the jump (and I can't tell exactly where that will be, the site just puts the jump wherever the hell it feels like these days), a story from a blogger's wife about how much David Ross loves tits.

Here's a bit of a recap of what my fiance had to tell me about her experience at the ballgame the other day:

"Well I had fun, but you know the Reds' catcher, Ross? He wasn't playing (no surprise there) but he was down in the bullpen about 4 feet from us the whole game and he was so gross. First he just kept staring at us like a possessed pervert and would just stare and stare and not look away. Then he threw me and Hope a ball and no one else. Even little kids that were begging him for a baseball all game and he just ignored them and ended up giving two more baseball's to girls that flashed their tits at him. He kept staring at me and Hope kept telling me he was and I would look over quick and try and catch him doing it but there was no need. He was staring with no shame, like a typical asshole ballplayer. Then I said 'what a pervert' and he just started laughing and kept staring, and undressing us with his eyes. He wasn't wearing his wedding band either. Then after those two girls that flashed him got thrown out of the ballpark, he went to the spot in the bullpen where he could still communicate with them and they exchanged information and he looked to get their number."


Guys that are barely hitting .200 get flashed. Hm.

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