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David Stern Asked Jim Rome "Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife Yet?" As Today's Interview Turned Ugly

The Jim Rome Show turned awkward today as NBA commissioner David Stern lashed out at the show's host for asking whether the league's draft lottery was fixed, asking at one point, "Have you stopped beating your wife yet?"

It was a marked difference from the pair's usual collegial attitude displayed on Stern's regular appearances on the program.


Stern and Rome debated the legitimacy of the question for several minutes in a heated exchange before Stern said "I have to go call someone important now. Stephen A. Smith is up next." Obviously Stern's referring to the loaded question fallacy and not actually implying Rome is a domestic abuser, but would Rome's audience get the philosophy class reference? It wasn't a loaded question to begin with, after all; that would be, "When did the NBA start rigging the draft lottery?"

h/t to Steve for the audio

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