David Wells Explains It All

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Since Bud Selig has hidden himself in a secure, undisclosed location until after Bonds breaks the career home run record, The Quote Machine That Is David Wells is back in action. The Padres' pitcher has a few things to say about Roger Clemens' new contract with the Yankees, specifically the clause that would allow Clemens to skip road trips when he's not scheduled to pitch.

"I don't think I would ever do it because of the fact I personally think it would disrespect the team and your teammates," Clemens Wells told the Florida Sun-Sentinel. "You look at the other players. How are they going to respect you? What are they going to think if you're not there pulling for the team? That's not the Yankee way. The Yankees have changed."


Meanwhile, at a charity golf tournament on Monday, Clemens took time out to explain that his return is, certainly, not about the money.

"I didn't know the details of my contract sitting down yesterday," he told AP. "That's how quick the decision was made to do this."

Wow, just imagine what he'd be making if it were about the money.

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