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David Wells says he's not in any financial trouble, he's just tired of keeping track of all the various bits of memorabilia he owns. Among the artifacts he's getting rid of is the signed Babe Ruth Yankee hat he wore in the first inning of a game on June 28, 1997 at the house his hat's previous owner built.

The San Diego native has a field at his old high school (alma mater to fellow Yankee perfect game pitcher Don Larson) named after him and he hopes to help finance a renovation of the field with the proceeds from the hat's sale. Wells bought the hat for $35,000 and has kept it in excellent condition since (except for sweating all over it apparently). It stands to make him a considerable profit.

"Let me put it this way," said David Kohler, the president of SCP Auctions, which will take bids online through May 19. "The last Ruth hat sold at auction, in 2008, brought $327,750. That hat was awesome, but this hat's in better condition and it comes from David Wells. So we feel like it's probably going to be north of that. This could get pretty crazy."


Wells decided to sell the hat (and many other items) because keeping track and care of everything was becoming a burden and not worth the hassle. He and is wife also plan on moving back to the New York area to be closer to their son who will be attending college in Boston.

I'd almost prefer he was forced to sell off everything because of financial troubles so we could continue the wild child persona of the mid-nineties Boomer Wells. This responsible adult David Wells is depressing.

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