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DC Assault Coach Charged With...Assault

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Curtis Malone, who coaches the AAU DC Assault team, which has sent scores of players to Division I basketball programs and several to the NBA, including Michael Beasley and Jeff Green, has been charged with second-degree assault after some shit allegedly went down last month at a Maryland high school. To be more specific, Steven DePollar, the coach of a different AAU team, claims that Malone and two other men beat him down with punches and kicks outside a high school gym in front of a group of people that included DePollar's son. From The Washington Post:

DePollar claims that the assault continued after he balled up on the ground in a fetal position. DePollar told police it lasted about 90 seconds and "I wondered when it would end. . . . It seemed much longer. I feared for my family and myself."


The Washington Post implies that the fight broke out over a player defecting from DePollar's Force One team to DC Assault. The player's father is one of the other two men involved in the alleged attack and is also facing second-degree assault charges. The player in question, it should be noted, is among the best in the country for his age group. He's in middle school.

As for Malone, he's one of the most powerful men in basketball. He operates in that rich seam between the high school game and the elite college programs. You can read more about the ignoble demimonde he rules here. (Warning: It's a place where you'll often find Mike Krzyzewski rooting around.)


Let's all be thankful, at least, for one thing—the team isn't called DC Manslaughter.

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