Dead Letters: Golden Knights Edition

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Subject: Had to buy depends

From: H.

To: Barry Petchesky

Just read your article about the golden knights being bad

Laughed so hard lost all bladder control

You should use your skills as a fortune teller

Or tea cup reader lol

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Subject: Golden knights

From: “Shiz”

To: Barry Petchesky

Boy your article looks really pathetic now dont it. Lucky to get 12 regulation wins? How about 29 wins at the halfway mark.

Only bad thing about the golden knights is your article.

Subject: The Golden Knights Article

From: Amy B.

To: Barry Petchesky

I just came across your article from last year about how bad the Las Vegas Golden Knights are going to be. I had a good chuckle. I know that you know that you were completely wrong. I thought you might consider publishing an updated article. One that includes not only their history making record so far but also what outstanding ambassadors the players are for the game (they’ve created a ton of new hockey fans), their involvement in their community, their open to the public practices, their lack of penalties, etc. You may already have but it’s your article about how bad our team will be that is all over facebook.

You were absolutely correct on one point, though...It is a long season. Much longer than almost every other team in the league. Playoffs do that. Go Knights, go!


Subject: Write a make up article!

From: Nicholas B.

To: Barry Petchesky

I feel like you owe it to Vegas fans to title an article, “Vegas, I was horribly wrong!” Always nice when a writer owns a bad prediction. Just saying...

Subject: Vgk

From: Scott G.

To: Barry Petchesky

Nice article on the golden knights pre season.

May want to write a revised version.

Go knights!


From: Donald B.

To: Barry Petchesky

Just curious have you written anything explaining your seriously foolish initial attack of the VGK?


Season Ticket holder VGK

PS Been a GREAT first season. Lots of teams are playing golf!

Subject: Thanks for the Laugh

From: Steven G.

To: Barry Petchesky

Read this article of yours today- I don’t think I’ll stop laughing about it for days!


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Subject: Golden Knights

From: Tommy I.

To: Barry Petchesky

How about a follow up article stating how incorrect you were with this gem?

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Subject: VGK

From: MB

To: Barry Petchesky

Hey Barry- Did not get a chance to see your article about how bad the VGKs would be until today when a friend shared it with me. I love it as it it turned out to be so very wrong. My vote for GM of the year (century... in any sport as a franchise GM?) is George McPhee. I understand that you may have written a follow up to that article indicating how very wrong you were. I certainly hope you did. Third liners and those on the periphery are often ready to make that jump. Anyway, Go Knights Go!

Subject: Golden Knights

From: Jared

To: Barry Petchesky

You know you’ve hit rock bottom when ESPN calls you a clown



Subject: How does all that crow taste?

From: Jeff R.

To: Barry Petchesky

Fucking idiot. VGK in the Stanley Cup. Go suck a dick!


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