Dead Letters: "Now Start Your Down Fall"

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Subject: Pro-Trump

From: montyhawkesworth
To: David Roth

If North America goes into a financial Depression, watch the value of vehicles drop substantially. It’s peculiar that you would not want there to be continued and increased prosperity... high employment and many more millions of workers having the $$$ to purchase these vehicles. Do you also throw rotten tomatoes at the patriotic folks in the Independence Day Parade?

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Subject: Question

From: Conyo Plays
To: Lauren Theisen

Why are the Golden Knights the god damn Golden Knights? Have you determined that the Almighty is a fan of the Original Six? Do you hope that He would relocate the Las Vegas hockey team to a permanent venue in hell?

Why is God part of your contempt for the Golden Knights?

Are you actually so sure that God does not exist that you are willing to curse a hockey team in the name of God? Surprise-Surprise-but there is a lot of circumstantial evidence that the DNA of creatures on this planet was actually manipulated long ago by someone or something & a supreme being is the only entity getting credit!

Perhaps you are simply a wanna-be-journalist killing time on a useless blog while awaiting a fate similar to the San Diego Mariners. Good luck!

C Adams

Subject: 63,000,000 million Americans

From: M.P.
To: Lauren Theisen

Lauren Theisen, you used your full name to show how bias you are as a journalist!

63,000,000 million people of which the majority of 30 out of 50 states voted for Donald Trump, he is our President and I support our country!! You absolutely have no Proof that President Trump is a racist, yet you call him one in your article! There is proof that President Obama was friends and associated with racist Louis Farrakhan and Reverend Wright and terrorist underground weatherman Bill Ayers and his wife

Where was you outrage them- bias hypocrisy on your part!

When Barack Obama was our President and I didn’t agree with him in many many issues I still supported or President and our country!!
Issue #1 placing all of the Clinton people in his administration, including Hillary Clinton as Secretary of State.
Issue #2 providing tax payer funds for abortions internationally,
Issue #3 claiming he would close Guantanamo bay and didn’t do it!!!
Issue #4 destabilizing Iraq and cause the uprising of ISIS of which he called the JV, many American paid for what he did!
Issue#5 providing tax payer funds to Palestinians who would use our money to support suicide bombers!
Issue #6 Obamacare!!!!
Issue#7 overriding congress and writing executive order after executive order!!
Issue#8 signing the Paris Climate Accord
Issue #9 Not supporting our closest Ally in the Middle East: Israel
Issue #10 Spending, spending, spending!
Issue #11 I can keep going!!!

You are a traitor as a journalist because of your complete bias and one sided opinion!! There Media and freedom thereof was to be impartial and provide both sides of the equation!!

Popovich has been and continues to be a nasty grumpy elitist in sports who treats players and journalists with disdain. Popovich nasty vitriol against our President is disgusting and I hope more fans turn away from the Spurs!!!

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Subject: (no subject)

From: [email]
To: Lauren Theisen

So I guess one could assume that you’re “showing YOUR ass” as well what with your extremely “well written” article, because your candidate didn’t win and you disagree with people who are finally fed up with horribly skewed and slanted, one-sided politics and choose to now voice it?


Subject: Hello

From: Jared Cruver
To: Lauren Theisen

Your article on the Spurs fans that are no longer fans because they support the best President we’ve EVER had was total garbage. Just wanted to let you know that he will be realected because we won and you stupid Liberals LOST. REMEMBER you are losers. TRUMP2020 Easy as American pie bitch.

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Subject: Your article

From: Ryan Larsen
To: Lauren Theisen

I was reading your article about the spurs fans who are trump supporters and decided not to support the spurs anymore because the coach’s political beliefs. I was expecting good, honest journaling about three honest people who dare to have a differing opinion than your own, but I was mistaken. As in this day and age we are constantly indoctrinated and bombarded with political propaganda and ideology, and this was no exception. I hate to sound unprofessional, (although, it’s hard to be more unprofessional than expressing your political beliefs in an article about sports), but, to you, and other liberal winers out there, get over it. He won. If he was actually racist, he would not have been elected. No, it had nothing to do with Russia. No, it wasn’t that America and his whole voter base is racist. It’s that he was an outsider. A businessman as opposed to a bunch of politicians everyone was tired of. Trump appealed to his voter base. Clinton attacked them-sorry, US. And at the end, you say, among other things, that they support a racist president. A racist president who has the full support of Alveda King, a direct relative of Martin Luther King Jr. A racist president who has made black unemployment hit an all time low in the history of America. Lower than when a black president was in power. A racist president who has hired the first ever black woman as brigadier general. A racist president who won the Ellis Island award, (presented to him by Rosa Parks), for his contributions to inner city blacks. But that’s okay. Go along with what the media tells you. After all, you are the media. You can manipulate us any way you want. Or maybe you cant. Because some of us are actually intelligent enough to see through your constant, thoughtless indoctrination. See, President Trump quit his day job of being a successful, respected businessman to be slandered and criticized to save our country. And his voter base to be slandered as well by the likes of you sick, sorry media reporters, who are just oh so high and mighty. For that, I’m not surprised at all that those three brave people decided to share their names for a cause they believe in. You did too, didn’t you? Thanks, we’ll keep our “racist” President, you can keep your corrupt Mrs. I-can’t-win-an-election Clinton. “Its-Its beautiful.”

From your friendly neighborhood deplorable.
Love Trumps Hate.

Subject: Trump Fans

From: Nancy Krupp
To: Lauren Theisen

Maybe you should spend some time contemplating who the fool is? Many of us are tired of being screwed by greedy, deceitful politicians, those with whom you seem to identify and support. Who is “the fool.”

NO to ALL puppy mills. ADOPT don’t shop!

Subject: Fools published their name

From: justaguy100
To: Lauren Theisen

Dear Liberal Lauren,

Every time I bang a liberal, I pretend I’m this super progressive hipster guy and that I care about social justice and tofu. Then, I smash guts, and have them make me a sandwich before kicking them out of my house and the firing up the group email that we use at work to discuss the shape and odor of the nasty baby holes of these emotional little crazies before we have to go back to the office on Monday. Then these women get all mad when they don’t get promoted because of their smelly slime hole’s lack of character. The one thing I’ve noticed, across the board, with liberal women is that they have the nastiest and most unkempt crotches out of all of the women I’ve ever been with. It’s disgusting. That’s what you should really be writing about. How liberal women need to take care of that thing. It’s not your kitchen garbage disposal. You can’t just shove whatever you want in there and hit the button, then never clean it out, and expect it not to get all hairy and moldy and gross. It should be well taken care of. Balanced flora and fauna. Maybe an occasional douche or whatever. Definitely a trim. If you want me to write the article, I would be more than happy. Anyways, have a great day.

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Subject: Popovich

From: Virginia DelValle
To: Lauren Theisen

Because of your big mouth now you are in mourning . What goes around comes are pound. You spit on the air now it come back to your face.
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Subject: Popovich

From: Virginia DelValle
To: Patrick Redford

I didn’t even know till my husband told me reading the sport that you are very arrogant and stuck up and you think you cannot be touch? It’s a matter of time , Now start your down fall. You attack President Trump ? Believed me you get a Karma . People Power and supported him by religious people. As long as open your filthy mouth and getting vicious ? we will wish you bad too. Go to church and pray for your sins. If you keep getting arrogant , karma keep coming to you.

Subject: Wow

From: Daniel Gonzalez

To: Patrick Redford

In the toilet? What are you, eight years old?

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Subject: (no subject)

From: Rick Burton
To: Tim Burke

You must be the typical ignorant, arrogant, blind to the facts, front runner..or making much Ado about nothing. from Boston?


Subject: Wizards/Raptors Article

From: Amy Randell
To: Albert Burneko

Mr. Burneko,

Your article was rude, biased, and trashy. I get it, you are a Raptors fan. That’s terrific. Did you stop to think that maybe these people are humans with feelings? Okay, so the Wizards didn’t play well. I get it. However, weren’t you taught not to gloat? If the Raptors win (it is 7 games), you are going to be really sad when your precious Canadians get swept in the semis. Yeah, I guess I’m salty from your article. I shouldn’t let it get to me, because look at John Wall and then look at you.

Amy Randell

From: Albert Burneko
To: Amy Randell

Amy. I’m a Wizards fan.

From: Amy Randell
To: Albert Burneko

My bad. My sincerest apologies. I can actually stomach it from a Wizards fan. Please forgive me. Now I am the rude one.


Subject: Derrick Rose 

From: Kim Arna
To: Albert Burneko

What an idiot. You are talking about Derrick Rose as if he is the reason that the Timberwolves are losing this series as if he hasn’t come in and helped this team. He has put up some decent points during his playing time and for you to just point the finger at him is just dumb. You so called reporters love to sit behind your desk and write negative stories about people when you probably can’t even make a layup. Let alone undetstand what it takes to even play the game. You reporters kill me. You act as though D Rose can’t still play or better yet like he has done something to you personally the way you all bash him. Im glad that he told you all that he doesn’t need your validation. Meaning he doesn’t care what you all think. Fyi, his teammates are very happy to have him, so it does not matter what you or anyone else think of his performance. I bet you he is better at his job than you are at yours..


Subject: Derrick Rose

From: soul gospel
To: Albert Burneko

I don’t know why you keep hating on drose. He is not the great player he once was. It’s a credit to his endurance that he is still playing, dispite all of the injuries he has battle through. I highly doubtful you even played d1 college ball, never mind NBA ball. Until you have walked in a man’s shoes, gone through what the humble drose has gone through please reserve your diatribes for someone more worthy, perhaps yourself.


Subject: Rockets vs Timberwolves

From: Santi Lamor
To: Albert Burneko

Albert as if you have not heard; the rockets promised the timberwolves if they would not put up a good resistance so as not to expend fuel?


Subject: drose

From: Dan B.
To: Albert Burneko


It’s kind of sad to see how you can hate a player like Derrick Rose. Once a former MVP, still a very humble guy with tremendous resilience. How are you going to focus on two plays in the game made by him which they still got the ball back, instead of focusing on other head asses. Stop being a biased motherfucker and start writing fairly.


Subject: Dinky bats for self protection 

From: Joanna Harkins
To: Samer Kalaf

Wellllllll...... now..... another fucking feckless leftwing fucker is going to show his stupidity by arming a school with dinky baseball bats! Yep... that’s gonna work. It’s this mentality that is destroying this country! Bring that shit to Texas and you will be sent back where you come from. I am a 71 year old grandmother of four who drives a red Corvette convertible with a big ass engine. I have a license to carry and I do! I can knock a fly off a fence post at 100 yards with perfect precision and accuracy! You lame ass gun grabbers, 2nd amendment and NRA haters better hope there is someone like me around should a evil bastard cross your path, otherwise all you will have to protect yourself will be your good looks, shit in your pants and a dinky baseball bat! I will take my fucking odds of surviving an attack more than the dumb ass who brings a box of rocks or a dinky bat to a gun fight! I will give you this though. ... you lame asses are great for a laugh!