Dead Letters: “This Is Truly A Fucked Up Career Path You All Chose”

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Subject: Inaccuracy in a Deadspin Article

From: Adam Waksman
To: The Staff


I am writing with regards to a recent Deadspin article, found here.

This article explicitly refers to me as being a racist with no evidence, link or citation of any sort. The sentence fragment used to slander me is taken very badly out of context. The quote used is:

“is a potential disaster that needs to be dealt with before it becomes anything real.”

The subject of that sentence (from the original Yahoo Sports piece) was the media circus, i.e. that anything about this could be a media disaster, and I advocated that Aboushi and the Jets talk about this and refute everything before the media has time to run with it. My article defended Aboushi in multiple places, including pointing out errors in Kaufman’s original article.

I am now being negatively affected by reactions to this Deadspin article. I am hoping you can help me out. I’d like to either have the article removed or at least have my name removed from it, since it constitutes slander. Ideally, I’d like some sort of apology to me to be published, but I don’t know if I can expect that. I would be very happy to meet with Greg Howard (the author) to work things out. I do not have a way to contact him directly, but I am assuming that since he and I do not know each other, this slander was accidental on his part, which is why I would be willing and happy to talk to him about it.

Please let me know what the best course of action is.

Adam Waksman

Subject: Tom Ley

From: Tommy Dieterich
To: The Staff

Please tell Tom Ley to stop posting pictures of people at ballparks who are reading or looking at devices. I really don’t give two shits either way about the subject, but whatever point Tom wants to make about it, he has certainly made that point by now. His posts are added nothing to any conversation about anything of interest. He’s starting to make Neetzan Zimmerman look like Hamilton Nolan (apologies for the cross-corporate analogy). If he wrote a post about how he hated people with cats, and then made several posts a day of pictures of people with their cats with the headline of, “Look At This Fucking Idiot Who Owns A Cat,” it would at least be defensible because people who own cats are He is unarguably terrible people deserving of such derision. But here, there is no such defense; all he is doing is clogging your front page with pictures of people’s backs. Thanks for listening telling Tom Ley to go fuck himself.

PS: Please do not bombard my e-mail with pictures of people with cats this site with posts from Tom Ley.


Subject: Promoting posts

From: Duke Leffler
To: The Staff

re: not reporting about things you should be. I know it’s tough in the cyberjournalism world trying to garner revenue from a populous that doesn’t pay you directly but id appreciate it if you’d stop putting promoted posts at the top of your feeds. It’s insulting and makes me want to go to your site less. I’m sure you’ll respond w ‘thanks for caring enough to comment,’ which is a nice, pathetic, passive aggressive way to approach it, but the posts you promote suck, and it is insulting to the people to check out your website to see cool/interesting stuff. You do post cool stuff, but the things you promote NEED promotion, pathetic in itself, your promotions are bad, and you should feel bad.


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Subject: Vandy case

From: Nathan Elliott
To: The Staff

Yeah I had some tips about the candy case. How bout you wait until the fucking facts come out and quit trying to ruin young men’s lives. This is truly a fucked up career path you all have chosen.

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Subject: Monetize your Twitter account

From: Dee Evans
To: The Staff

To whom it may concern,

I am writing to you about your twitter account @Deadspin. I would like to personally invite you to add your account to the TweetPeddler Marketplace. is a marketplace for buying and selling tweets. Its free and easy to use. Set your price and sit back as advertisers buy tweets on your account.

Its really very simple. Register for a TweetPeddler account with your PayPal email, then log in and link your twitter account to your TweetPeddler account. Once linked you can set the price per tweet for your twitter account. For example if you set the price at $20 per tweet: an advertiser could purchase a tweet from you for $20, write a 140 character message, and then post it on your twitter account. TweetPeddler takes care of all this behind the scenes, you just sit back and watch money flow into your PayPal account.

Head over to and give it a try. If you have any questions please feel free to respond to this email.

Thank you for your time,

Dee Evans

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