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Dead Letters: "Your 'Journalistic' Reputation Is Now Toast"

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Dead LettersWelcome to Dead Letters, the feature in which we reprint our favorite reader mail. We should take this moment to remind you that all emails to Deadspin and its editors and writers are on the record unless otherwise specified. Now for your letters.

Subject: idiots

From: Brian Denike
To: The Staff


Watched your video bragging about how you (sometimes) do “real journalism” and “breaking news”. Then you re-post those idiotic tweets on President Obama’s speech at the Memorial the other night. Sorry, that’s a credibility killer. Your “journalistic” reputation is now toast.

Fact: America has more gun deaths in a year than all the other countries in the world combined....ergo America has more idiots per square inch than all the other countries in the world combined.
Fact: this is NOT news, and re-posting their sick, projectile regurgitation is NOT what real journalists do. Outfits like Fox and CNN do it, and now you have joined them in the bilges of the journalistic cesspool.
Fact: what about the thousands of thoughtful tweets praising the President’s words...oh mention of football, and the “n” word...boring.

I’m sure the red-neck, football-deprived, too-dumb-to-change-channel, slobs were thrilled to see their hate-filled tweets re-published and given what they probably think is legitimization by your juvenile website.

Here’s my tip: delete your video...or at least edit out all references to “journalism”. While you are at it, fire the chief editor. He couldn’t get a job as a non-salary intern on a small-town weekly. Deadspin indeed.

Brian Denike

Subject: why does this surprise you?

From: jon coville
To: Tim Burke

Take That Nigger Off The TV, We Wanna Watch Football!”: Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football

80% are soros/ obama paid clowns

20% or less are real haters brought out by the greatest divider of all time with the exception of Satan

what do expect by a man who for years has define and separated us?

Subject: Clueless

From: Nicole Avery
To: Tim Burke

While I understand the need to make readers aware of the severity of the tweets posted last night, your headline and the insurmountable tweets you posted for display further perpetuated the bufoonery. It was if you enjoyed seeing the word Nigger plastered on screen continually. Your style of coverage was done in poor taste and demonstrated a lack of true journalism.

Subject: Desensitization; “Idiots Respond to NBC pre-empting Sunday Night Football”

From: Lulu Krause
To: Tim Burke

Dear Mr. Burke,

I came across your article and Storify collection of idiotic and despicably racist tweets regarding the delay of Sunday night football on my Facebook’s newsfeed. While I think I understand your effort to publicly shame a group of ignorant individuals, along with, more largely, a frightening stance prevalent in American culture, I am nevertheless very ill-at-ease—if not disgusted—with your (or your editor’s) use of the N-word in the headline if your article. Every time your article is shared, that word—part of the very ideal that you attempt to combat—is highlighted; as it spreads all over social platforms—as it become more visible—its impact, as a word that remains totally degrading, is dulled. Ironically, your choice to include this word in its entirety in the opening phrase of your article, is a very, very sad step backwards.

If you included this word because you believe that it strengthens your argument about the ignorance of “those idiots” included in your article, you have missed the mark. Unfortunately, as people continue to share your work on the internet, continue to have browser tabs open that include the N-word, and, consequently, as the word itself appears more readily as a result of your work, know that, in your attempt move forward, you have taken one step back. We are already an audience that is so over-exposed to horrors, so desensitized to violence, and sedated as a result. In a failed effort to fight against something vicious, your flippant use of the word in the article’s title is unproductive and tragic.

All the best,

Lulu Krause

Subject: Obama ad

From: Cher Young
To: The Staff

Thanks for showing each tweet that insulted the President of the disgusting u.s. Your site is just as racist as the people who tweeted that garbage. I think we got the point after the first two tweets but no you had to show more than 20 tweets. Your ignorance is not bliss. So who is the real “nigger”? Answer: whoever decided to bring light and give attention to the idiots who tweeted that crap....

Sent from my iPad

Subject: discusting

From: Drealot
To: The Staff

why would you post racist tweets with a headline stating the Presidents a N word? Deadspin getting off on having a picture of the President being called N#####? Such a closet racist move!


Subject: Wrong on so many levels.

From: Gene Bathe
To: Tim Burke

I don’t want to live here any more. This country is so filled with malice and hatred, one group towards the other, and the crown jewel in the tiara of hate is racism. This sort of thing makes me wish the Mayans were right!

Gene Bathe
Salt Lake City, UT.

Subject: the report quoting people upset about the football interuption

From: Paula Sermons
To: The Staff

I really don’t know anything about what you guys usually publish because I had never been to your site until a few moments ago when a facebook “friend” posted alink to your story with comments from people upset about that fact that the TV networks pre-empted the football game with the President’s appearance at the memorial for those killed on Friday.

I hope that publishing all of these racist comments was just a serious mis-judgement on your part in an effort to “catch” a story and I really hope that you will re-consider giving people like that a forum with which to broadcast their predjudice.

I only got to the first few before realizing what the theme was but reading some of those comments was pretty sickening. I’m also questioning the judgement of the friend that posted it.

Thank you for reading. I really hope that you will not continue to give a platform to racism.

Thank you,
Paula Sermons

Subject: anti obama comments

From: dan harris
To: Tim Burke

Please tell me how to contact any of the people who wrote these comments.
Dan Harris

Subject: Re: “Take That Nigger Off The TV, We Wanna Watch Football!”: Idiots Respond To NBC Pre-Empting Sunday Night Football

From: Justin Korby
To: Tim Burke

What’s the point of this article? The article itself isn’t even the worst part, but its the endless stream of racist posts you cited as examples. What is the point?? If anything, posted 1 or 2 censored examples is one thing. But you just basically re-tweeted dozens of racist posts and slurs, making you just as bad of an idiot, if not worse. After 1 or 2, people get it. Why post so much garbage like that?


Subject: People upset about the football interruption by President Obama

From: Nina Mencarin
To: Tim Burke

Thank you for sharing this publicly.

I don’t tweet, text or facebook anything because I think these types of forums are destructive to humanity.

It should be so expensive to utilize this type of self exposure that these types of people could never do it. Instead Facebook is free, Skype is free and if you can afford an iphone then tweeting and texting is free. People can’t afford to buy groceries supposedly but they can afford to this? I don’t get it.

Although we do have in our constitution the freedom of speech, there’s nothing in our constitution that says we should make it easy.

I’m ashamed that people like this exist in our world, in our country and it just exemplifies the extent to which our moral values have been broken down.

I honestly feel that these people who wrote those posts that you shared, should be punished severely.

Sincerely, Nina.

Subject: Thank you

From: Richard Brotbeck
To: Tim Burke

Hello Sir,

Thank you so much for having the courage to write as you did. Our country is still a good place because of people like you.

With highest regards,

Richard Brotbeck
Tangled Web Press

Subject: Steve Czaban

From: Matt Seelinger
To: John Koblin

At first, I thought your rant about Steve Czaban and Andy Pollin was a joke, but I quickly realized you were serious. Dear lord, you and the others who commented about this are the biggest, whiney, PC crybabies evah! Czabe is my favorite radio sports personality of all time. Jeez, get a life. I’m so sick of sports writers (and for Deadspin, I use the term very loosely) bending over backwards to prove how PC they are. I mean, I understand why—because nobody takes journalists, especially sportswriters, seriously anymore. Doesn’t make it right.

And to Drew, I’m disappointed in you—you should have just stopped at saying how Czabe and Andy are good people.


Matt Seelinger
Arlington, VA

Subject: Steve Czaban

From: Scott Fitzgerald
To: John Koblin
Cc: Steve Czaban

All Czaban does is promote Deadspin and talk about how great you guys are, and this is the thanks he gets? I’m sure if I went through the Deadspin archives I’ll find some blog post about you guys saying some un-PC things about transgendered people. So get off you high horse of indigence and save you faux outrage for someone else.

Scott Fitzgerald

Subject: Humping...?

From: Joseph Robbins
To: Tom Ley

So much for common decency... Something he’s due and you’re not.

Joseph Robbins
Reidsville, NC

Subject: More than seven

From: Matt Jones
To: Jack Dickey

Dear Mr. Dickey,

Thank you for acknowledging there is more to like about Fort Wayne and admitting the slight to our community.

Believe it or not, my offer was genuine about the tour. No, I did not mean to create the stir you obviously encountered with my response to this article.

So, in a nutshell, let me give you a bit more insight to this city (it IS a city by all definition, just a small one).

Just to speak in a vernacular you could appreciate, I will start with our sports legacy.

The first ever professional league baseball game was played here. The Fort Wayne Kekiongas won. They surrendered their charter at the end of the season and a small Brooklyn club called the “Trolley Dodgers (aka, LA Dodgers) picked it up.

The first professional nighttime baseball game was played here back in the 1800's. Seriously.

Chuck Stalling, one of baseball’s early superstars, grew up and played here.

The Zollner Pistons were one of the early basketball league members before they were moved to Detroit.

The first broadcast of a pro league basketball game happened here.

Then there is one on minor-league hockey’s best (and oldest) teams-the Fort Wayne Komets.

Our current minor-league baseball team, the Tin Caps won the series a few years ago.

Rod Woodson, NFL, and Olympic swimmer Matt Vogel also hailed from here.

IPFW Mastadons has one of the best collegiate volleyball teams in the nation.

Of course, then there are all the wonderful high-school teams and their respective championships.

Let me cap this of by stating that many of the things you use in your home have been either invented or first commercially produced here (gas pumps, TV, hi-fi stereo, refrigerators, etc.).

Admittingly, the glory of Fort Wayne has faded somewhat in certain regards. It is no longer a major contender as one of the more important cites in the nation but we have been doing just fine. It’s not easy recovering from the industrial meltdown and export or distinguishing ourselves as “just another Rust-Belt” casualty.

We even have some culture-but that is another story.

Respect and regards (and the offer is still valid),

Matthew Jones

Subject: Watt

From: Daniel Maloof
To: Jack Dickey

How many points did Watt create/prevent by knocking down Brady 5 times. Oh, none? Yeah great game though. Real effective.

From: Jack Dickey
To: Daniel Maloof

I hope you’re just a hypersensitive Patriots fan and not actually this thickheaded. Defensive linemen’s play—really, any individual defensive player’s performance—rarely translates directly into points. The Texans’ defense played poorly. Watt didn’t.

From: Daniel Maloof
To: Jack Dickey

What did Watt do to improve the defense’s performance? He’s a game-changer that did nothing at all to change the game. Again, great game..


Subject: Don’t be a hater

From: Mark Schnur
To: Drew Magary

Drew you are really preoccupied with your hate. Enjoy watching the Irish kick the SEC’s primo team....the one incidentally who sucked ass from 1992 until 2009. Nearly the same time ND sucked ass. Smooch. Get over it.

Sent from my iPad

Subject: I bet your eating your words...

From: Jack Klenk
To: Drew Magary


I recently have read your Seattle Sucks article. Let me identify why you suck as a journalist. It’s kind of ironic that our team has thus far smashed your predictions, rank top in most relevant statistics, and have excelled with one of the most violent yet, feared, and well tempered running backs of the modern era. And our “dickbag” management has drafted and handled the quarterback situation quite well - another factor you had failed to anticipate. I recommend you keep further NFL assumptions to yourself.

Twelfth Man in Buffalo NY,

Lawrence C Klenk
Facebook: Jack Klenk

Sent from my HTC EVO 4G LTE exclusively from Sprint

Subject: Subject Deadspin Redskins Blog...

From: Virgilrw
To: Drew Magary
Cc: Virgilrw

Hey Drew,
I just stumbled onto this major losers blog! Lol So what do you losers have to say about our 5 game winning streak and first place in the NFC East Ranking!!! Smh ha ha ha!!! And In 2 Games Soon To Be NFC EAST CHAMPS!!! LEMOL (laughing even more out loud)!!! YOU LOSERS JUST MADE MY DAY!!!


Dead Tweets


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