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Dead Schembechlers: Classy or Pussies?

From their website:
The Dead Schembechlers will now be know as...The Bastard Sons of Woody!!!

The name change comes on the heels of the death of original band namesake Bo Schembechler and to acknowledge the fact that the group members are direct genetic descendents of Woody Hayes himself. "We were as shocked as anyone to learn that Woody Hayes is our genetic father," said the group's Bo Biafra. "It was during the week of mass media Michigan madness that we were leaked a previously secret governmental report about our origins. However, this dealt not only with our origins as a musical entity but also our origins as living beings. It seems all four of us were created in test tubes as part of radical scientific experimentation with DNA manipulation, cell altercation and gene splicing transmogrification. Renegade OSU scientists...."

Blah blah blah. I don't know, I mean, is it more offensive that he's actually dead now or more offensive when he was alive? Remember when Anthrax had to deal with this in 2001? Did they fold when their ironic nickname became a bit too real? Not a fucking chance. (Ecnahcgnikcufaton!)


I understand that Bo's death was very traumatic for these guys, but come on , now — even if you're a fake punk band that sings dopey songs about Ohio State football it still requires you to have some semblance of a penis.

DS Now Named Bastard Sons of Woody [DeadSchembechlers]

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