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Deadcast Classics: Three Idiots Walk Into A Williams-Sonoma

In a universe that is similar to but not quite the same as this one, a new and very strange Deadcast would appear in this space. Drew would probably be more or less the same as usual, but as I had just gotten off an overnight flight on Wednesday morning, it’s a virtual certainty that I would have been a psychedelic jet-lagged disaster mumbling various bleary melatonin-scented incoherencies. Again: similar to, but not quite the same as this one.

And so, in this world, we made the executive decision to regroup (both of us), get some weird day-sleep (me), work on a new novel (Drew), and air a rerun. We’ll be back with our regularly scheduled programming next week, but for now please enjoy Drew, Marchman, and me taking a confused and extremely confusing spin through the more avant-garde corners of the Williams-Sonoma Catalog.

Yes, it’s a Christmas-adjacent episode going up in early spring, but also a Champagne Saber is never out of season.


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