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Originally published Sept. 8, 2005



You can do a lot with $25,000. You can provide food for starving Africans before Sally Struthers eats them first. You can buy 1,518 copies of Bill Simmons
new book (not counting shipping, which is probably a bitch). You can even join 2,500,000 of those record clubs where you get 11 CDs for a penny.


You can also hire ESPN anchor Stuart Scott to come speak at your corporate function. The site allows you to bring your favorite ESPN personalities to come talk to you and your fellow corporate drones about leadership, teamwork or, you know, just how to read off a Teleprompter. The site serves as a broker between corporations and sports personalities, negotiating their fees and putting together their schedules.


One would think that paying Stuart Scott $25,000 plus "travel is almost always on top of the fees, usually something like first class for two, ground transportation and hotel" to do anything other than promise never to use the terms "pillow," "cool," "boo" or "yah" again would be somewhat excessive. But Scott isn't even the most expensive anchor on his own network. In fact, he's not even close.

Full list of top ESPN anchors/sports personalities and their speakers fees follows. Start saving those pennies for Tom Tolbert now!


The appearance fees for major "sports personalities."

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$15,000 and below

Mitch Gaylord - $10,000

Greg Gumbel - $15,000

Ron Jaworski - $10,000

Tony Kornheiser - $15,000

Tom Tolbert - $15,000

For a guy who has a sitcom based on his life — albeit a pretty unwatchable one — we think that's a pretty good price. Well, relatively speaking. By the way ... Mitch Gaylord! Still alive, we guess. Good for him.



James Brown - $30,000

Rich Eisen - $25,000

Roy Firestone - $22,000

Marion Jones - $20,000

Jim Nantz - $25,000

Dan Patrick - $30,000

Rick Reilly - $25,000

Stuart Scott — $25,000

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We don't know how much Dan Patrick made for his Hair Care For Men ads, or, for that matter, how much Rick Reilly got for encouraging his readers to become drunken idiots, but it couldn't have been too far from this amount. By the way, Reilly's amount is probably around the starting salary for entry-level print journalists in this country, if you were wondering what that collective "pounding-head-against-desk" sound was.


Mitch Albom - $40,000

Chris Berman - $50,000

Jim Rome - $40,000


You know, we wonder if Mitch Albom actually has to be there giving the speech to collect his cash, or if he can just say he was there.

$50,000 and above

Bob Costas - $60,500

Al Michaels - $75,000

For an extra 10 grand, Bob Costas will promise not to lecture you about your lack of class and decorum. Don't worry, though; he brings his own stepstool for the podium.


Just For Fun

Leslie Nielsen - $70,000

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Enrico! Pallazzo! Enrico! Pallazzo! [Official Site]

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