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Sports News Without Fear, Favor or Compromise
Illustration for article titled Deadspin Hall Of Fame Veterans Committee Inductee: Kige Ramsey

If there was ever a person more deserving to receive a meaningless award by default from an imaginary "Veterans Committee," it has to be the man who put "You Tube Sports" on the map.


Although Kige has yet to become the multi-media superstar we hoped he'd be, his contributions to the oeuvre of Deadspin can't be overlooked: 2007 SHOTY award nominee, one HOF nod, and all just for being a sweet guy with an unflagging dedication to posting videos of himself yapping about pretty much every thought that pops into his brain.

For me, this outtake video of his attempt to show the world how to shoot a free throw, only to air-ball it and then frantically shuffle after the bouncing ball before it destroys his camera, reveals the divine essence of Kige:

Congratulations, Kige. Welcome to eternal greatness.

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